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Cardioexplorer wins Swiss Biolabs Award 2018

Heart disease is the leading cause of death. So far there was no simple test for detection of life-threatening constrictions of the heart arteries. Cardioexplorer is a simple and non-invasive Artificial Intelligence based lab test which provides a safe risk assessment of current coronary heart disease. The test provides higher sensitivity / specificity than the stress ECG. 

Out of seven finalists, Exploris has won the Swiss Biolabs Challenge 2018.The jury consisted of Universities (University Hospital Basel, School of Life sciences Biotechnet Switzerland), industry partners (Sensile Medical, Roche Diagnostics, Omya International AG, Ava Science, Bühlmann Laboratories) and  Associations (Swiss Biolabs Association, Economic Development Agency Olten, Basel Area).







Evidence based digital health

Exploris provides Artificial Intelligence based Diagnostic and Therapeutic lab tests, allowing for higher precision of results and increased convenience and safety for patients.

We enhance lab tests with Artificial Intelligence based predictive modeling for improved interpretation of lab results. The technology platform comprises clinical data sources, knowledge and a proprietary software engine which is capable for so far unmet capabilities in detecting new combinations of markers.

A change in health status is reflected in physiological factors. Identifying the relevant factors and determining their relationship leads to new diagnostic approaches and improved therapies.

As a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence based eDiagnostics and eTherapeutics we are one of the first companies which have successfully passed clinical studies for our novel, groundbreaking tests.

Bringing the power of our extensive Artificial Intelligence software suite, the internet and the huge source of information in collected data together, turns out to be one of the most important technological advances in health care.